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The New Zealand Political Ambition Party
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To make our ambition your future

The future of New Zealand... underway.

We care

about the New Zealand voter.

Rebuilding the economy

A fair income-based tax system will give kiwis more money in their back pocket.

Law and Order

The police will prevent crime at the source.

Getting from A to B

Every year millions of kiwis will travel both locally and regionally.

International Trade

We will generate a strong revenue-based economy with thousands of jobs.


We will control the flow of immigrants by turning the tap up and down as necessary.

Worker Compensation

We will increase our governments term length and provide appropriate salaries to our hard working government workers.

It's personal

Politics is our next career move


David Stevens

Former CEO


Greg Collins

Shows up to every public event


Chirs Parker

Fonterra Shareholder

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Any New Zealand citizen or legally registered New Zealand voter, company or organisation can donate an aggregated total of up to and including $5,000 per calendar year without having their details publicly disclosed.

However, we are required to maintain accurate donor records including your name and address. These details are kept confidentially by us and used exclusively to meet our requirements under the Electoral Act. If this donation, by itself or when combined with others made in the current calendar year, exceeds $5,000, your name and the amount you have donated must be publicly disclosed. If you have any questions about these requirements, please email us.